Footlogix Massage Formula 19

  • The perfect final step in the pedicure service, formulated with Dermal Infusion Technology®




This non-occlusive foot and leg massage lotion with a light, pleasant fragrance, has enough slip for a 5 to 10 minute massage, leaving the skin feeling silky soft without a greasy film. Hygienic pump dispenser helps to prevent contamination.

Size: 250 ml & 500 ml

Skin Type & Condition: For normal, dry and very dry skin

Features & Benefits:

  • Footlogix Massage Formula with Dermal Infusion Technology®, softens the skin in order to achieve the optimum of pedicures.
  • Contains Urea to help soften dry and rough skin, and hydrate calluses.
  • Also contains Sunflower Seed Oil for slip during the massage, without leaving a residue.
  • Footlogix non-occlusive Massage Formula will not impede the skin’s ability to function.
  • With regular use, Footlogix Massage Formula will add noticeable moisture to the skin, enabling it to function normally.
  • Alcohol and synthetic oil free, with a light and pleasant fragrance: skin feels silky soft with no greasy residue.
  • Safe for Diabetics, people with sensitive skin.
  • Hygienic, pre-measured pump dispenser is convenient to use and helps prevents product contamination.
  • After applying the appropriate Footlogix mousse product to the feet, apply two pumps of Massage Formula per leg.
  • Pamper clients with a 5 to 7 minute foot and leg massage to finish the treatment.