Ultimate relaxation at its finest!

Spa A’lita’s massage sessions utilize many forms of body work techniques to promote relaxation and relieves stress and tension of sore, aching muscles. Our massages improve circulation, increase mobility, and enables the mind to relax and let go of daily worries.

Head and Scalp Massage – 30min $90        45min $90 60min $125
Cure tension, headache, anxiety and stress with a synergistic blend formulated for head and scalp massage. Students, busy professionals and clients with frequent headache trouble will benefit the most from this treatment. Complimentary facial massage can be requested in your 60min head and scalp massage.

Back, Neck, & Shoulder Relief – 30min $90 45min $100   
Relax and unwind as an invigorating blend of essential oils are used in these localized areas to deeply penetrate sore aching muscles. 

Back, Neck, & Shoulder Relief (with Paraffin on Back and Feet) – 60min $140
A warm paraffin mask is applied to the back and feet, releasing toxins from the body, leaving you fully relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Swedish Relaxation Massage – 60min $125     90min $160
This traditional form of massage relaxes the body, soothes aching muscles, and improves muscle tone and flexibility. Begin your session with an aromatic inhalation of sweet aromatherapy blends to ease the mind and spirit.  Your service provider will then release the tension with soothing massage motions over the entire body ending with the scalp. This treatment creates a feeling of deep relaxation and overall inner well being.

Couple’s Massage – 60min $270     90min $330
Enjoy a full body relaxation massage in our comfortable double bed massage room with a special person to share the experience. Invite either your spouse, a friend or a family member, as you spend time together unwinding and reconnecting in our couple’s suite.

Signature Royal Massage – 90min $180
This massage relaxes the full body, soothes aching muscles, and improves muscle tone and flexibility, creating a feeling of deep relaxation and overall well being. Includes a face massage and paraffin on feet.

Earth’s Essence Aromatherapy Massage – 75min $165
A relaxation massage enhanced by your choice of essential oil blend created in house, by the shops owner and Aromatherapist. Take a moment to breath, reflect on what you might need now for balance, harmony and peace. Like raindrops in our forests canopy we will drizzle the oils along the spine, mindfully massaging them into the body inspiring reminiscence of the past, and invoking feelings of euphoria in the present.

Coastal Stone Therapy – 90min $195
Experience this unique treatment which incorporates warm basalt stones and Swedish massage. The localized heat and weight of the stones, warm and relax muscles, allowing the therapist to apply deeper pressure to those areas without causing discomfort. A beautiful treatment that leaves you completely peaceful and calm.