Footlogix Daily Maintenance Formula 2


This formula with Dermal Infusion Technology® is proven to be effective as a daily moisturizing product to maintain healthy feet. Contains Urea to lock in moisture.




Use as part of a regular skin care maintenance / hygiene routine on hands, body and feet.

Recommended for wearers of expensive compression hose, since Daily Maintenance Formula will not break down the elastics!

Size: 125 ml

Skin Type & Condition: For normal to dry skin.

Features & Benefits:

  • With regular use, Footlogix Daily Maintenance Formula adds moisture to the skin, enabling it to perform its function of protection.
  • Contains CoQ10: an anti-aging ingredient which increases the strength of the skin and fights free radicals.
  • Contains Urea which locks moisture into the skin.
  • Provides a “protective barrier” when walking barefoot.
  • Hygienic dispenser: prevents product contamination, resulting in a longer shelf life.
  • Apply to a clean dry feet once a day, as part of a daily maintenance program. Just apply and go!
  • Avoid contact with face and eyes.